Monday, December 15, 2008

Crocky Mate!

Though this animal would be far down on your list of friends the egyptians saw them in another way. Crocadiles were seen as a symbol of the god Sobek. Although this was an attempt to please and get the crocadiles on their side and save their skin! : )
Another animal in ancient egypt is the Hippo but they got the bad side of the deal. Hippos were seen as a evil omen and were associated with the evil god Seth. Also hippos could easily overturn papyrus boats. Because of all this they were often hunted. : (
( other animals of the nile include hyenas, jackels, and other birds)

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  1. That seems kind of strange that the hippos were seen as evil; though I guess they can be pretty vicious at times. But still, they shouldn't have hunted them!!